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Results count - Experience matters

„Our vision is the outstanding product”

• this sets the industry standard – in terms of design, characteristics, price and reliability
• offers the client competitive advantages
• and improves his market position significantly.

“Our mission is that your company manufactures this product“

• by using robust processes within a balanced production chain
• which is based on well designed, highly reliable equipment
• and capable tooling
• while maintaining sustainable cost leadership.


Professionelles Business Process Reengineering

Versatile solid experience in Business Process Reengineering of the highest level:

Herbert Smetan
• Since 2009 successful senior advisor and interims manager within the global automotive supply industry
• 25 Year track record as Managing Director in different companies in the Automotive Supply Industry
• 12 Year track record for leading a global group of up to 11 companies worldwide
• 12 Year track record for Corporate Governance in international organizations
• 6 successful Green-Field-Investments
• Responsible execution of turnarounds
• Responsible execution of plant closures
• Market Leadership with Hydro Aluminum’s Business Unit Castings
• Insider in the Automotive Supply Market
• Expert in Aluminum Automotive Casting Technology
• Expert in Manufacturing Systems of Automotive Components
• Expert in Marketing and Sales in the Automotive Industry

Complex tasks to which SMETAN engineering can provide valuable contribution include:

• Interims-Executive-Management of groups and single companies
• Consolidating the Footprint and the Product Portfolio
• Continuous Improvement and Re-Engineering of Manufacturing Processes and Value Chains
• Step-Change Projects in the Product- and Process-Development
• Major Capital Expenditure, in particular Green-Field investments
• New Start-Ups and Program Launches of significance
• Technical and Organizational Qualification of Companies in Emerging Markets for supplies to OEMs within the EU
• Restructuring of Companies and Divisions
• Divestment of Subsidiaries and Divisions
• Closure and Relocation of Subsidiaries or Departments

“During my time as a manager in the automotive supply industry I constantly strived to confer such demanding and complex tasks on outstanding executives with many years of professional experience, who were relieved from the daily routine as far as possible.

Due to their well established professional competence and leadership skills these managers always succeeded in orientating all internal and external participants to perform the tasks in a very efficient and as well as target-driven way, and in so doing, discovered risks in such a timely manner so that appropriate measures could take effect.

Their understanding of reality, taken from their personal track record, in most cases prevailed beyond mere wishful thinking. By means of this structured split of day-to-day business from project work, the whole organization gained considerable dynamics and efficiency!

Similar to a mountain guide, these managers had to walk certain routes several times themselves, before they could safely guide others on these routes. It is precisely their self-confidence, which creates trust in an undertaking and stabilizes teams.

Particularly in critical paths, a special level of professionalism and persistence is required, which can only emerge from personal experience. The true professional leaves nothing to chance, rather he knows when to use ‚an additional clamp‘, before risking a ‚fall on a long rope‘.”


We have no doubt that you and your team are perfectly capable of providing such professional competence and leadership skills to your staff.


If you have appropriate time to do so!

If not, please call us or send a note!

We will surely help you!

You can count on!



Yours sincerely

SMETAN engineering & consulting GmbH












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