our partners...
• Global Economic Network Member of the Global Economic Network Bonn/Berlin / D
• Advisory Council of Economy Member of the Advisory Council of Economy Berlin / D
• Heyn & Partner Personnel-Management-Services Plauen / D
• Malik Management Zentrum Sankt Gallen / CH
• CPO Management Consultants Mainz / D
• MFB Manage Future Business Wiesbaden / D
• GLG Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc / New York
• CognoLink London / GB
• TEC Germany GmbH Wiesbaden / D
• Knight Wendling Foundry Engineering Düsseldorf / D
• IQube Consulting Group Sankt Gallen / CH
• KIEFABER Management-Systems Kirkel / D
• Fill Machinery and Production Lines Gurten / A
• Becker GmbH CAD - CAM - CAST Steffenberg-Quotshausen / D
• Meissner AG Tooling and Pattern Company Biedenkopf / D
• Visual Contact Marketing & Advertising Agency Wadgassen / D
 Marketing examples in cooperation with Visual Contact
... and their task-specific integration
Economical success = f (specific market position x operational effectiveness)
Integration of cooperating partners



Together we move on!


The topic-specific integration of a team of internal and external experts ensures the most effective examination of your unique problem and represents by this the most reliable approach towards a certain and reliable solution.

From our point of view the responsible consultant team has to act exclusively in the background in order to compensate for temporary gaps in your organization while initiating and supporting the necessary change process, simultaneously with the goal of qualifying your people to close the gap which we create when we depart.

The result of our consulting support (R) equals the product of the quality of a solution (Q) and its acceptance by your team (A):


R = Q x A

Our special approach ensures both through the active involvement of your team in the project work, plus outstanding quality in combination with an unreserved acceptance.

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