Core Competencies

complex systems – the approach distinguishes


According to one of the theorems of  cybernetics the complexity of a system (company) has to be larger than that of its environment (market or industry) to exist in it successfully.

In order to create this level of complexity, an organization still needs a responsible and competent person who has the creativity and determination to be that crucial bit better than the competitors in the relevant market."



Herbert Smetan with two workers in a facility

„At the end it is always the person who matters! Especially when it comes to consulting“

Herbert Smetan

• 25 years as Managing Director in different companies
• 12 years success as Senior Vice President of a Business Unit
• 12 years success in Corporate Governance
• 6 successful Green-Field-Investments
• Responsible execution of Turnarounds
• Responsible execution of plant closures and relocations
• Market Leadership with Business Unit Castings of Hydro Aluminium Automotive
• Insider in Aluminum Casting Business
• Expert in Aluminum Casting Technology
• Expert in Manufacturing Systems
• Expert in Marketing and Sales


„I regard it as my personal strength that I get to the bottom of problems by using a structured and systematic approach in order to create robust and sustainable solutions. By now, some of these have already changed the yardstick of the global Aluminum Casting Industry.

Despite of all this I usually stay pragmatic which is quite evident in the light of the numerous projects I have  successfully managed to establish. Naturally I prefer innovation. But quite often facts and figures demonstrate the need to first clean up the existing system as a precondition for further healthy growth.

Despite the habit that I rely on facts and figures, I am not a technocrat. I see the development and the change of the people in the enterprise as the most important task of companies that will be coping with the markets and the industry successfully.



Herbert Smetan

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