The SMETAN engineering Management Model

...and thus strives toward excellence and perfection!
"While quality and productivity depend on many factors,
occupational safety depends on only one:
The professionalism of management and the workforce,"
and therefore, their excellence and perfection!
Herbert Smetan
For this reason, occupational safety is the advance indicator for every change process of a company, from which ensues, with absolute certainty
delivery reliability
financial results

2003 - 2010

LTI : Lost Time Incident
RWC : Restricted Work Case
MTC : Medical Treatment Case
FAC : Fist Aid Case


TRI : Total Reported Injuries
WOC : Walk Observe Communicate

"God does not play dice!"
Albert Einstein

Sample Company: EBIT on Total Capital Employed

Sample Company: EBIT DA vs Cash-Flow

Sample Company: Company Key Figures
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