The SMETAN engineering Management Model

...puts the focus on customer satisfaction...

"the only employee with a permanent customer-orientation that I have seen thus far was a department store detective!"
Reinhard K. Sprenger


"the market is a harsh, asocial employer that will fire its most loyal servant without compensation."
Peter F. Drucker

The PIMS-Concept - Profit Impact of Market Strategies

Ausgewogenes Preis- Leistungsverhältnis

Customer satisfaction is...

• offered price performance ratio
• relative to competition
• perceived subjectively by the customer


Customer satisfaction comprises...
• quality of product, service and image as compared to
• competition
• offered price
• price and quality perception of the customer

Customer benefit analysis

The customer benefit analysis gives detailed clarification concerning current competitiveness on the basis of relevant competitive strengths and weakness in comparison to competition for the total performance of an enterprise.


"every good proceeds in the market economy at its best value."

Carl-Christian von Weizäcker

Focusing the offer

Focusing the offer and the company processes on the needs of the customer makes it possible to develop competitive advantages and valuable product differentiation as well as more effective market cultivation!


"more important than leadership in market share is the psychological market leadership."

Hermann Simon


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