Portfolio of services

problem solving – decisions correctly taken

Our portfolio of services:


• Detect opportunities
• Develop strategies
• Capture potentials
• Initiate change
• Create sustainability


„As your consultant we not only hand over our final report but develop, together with your team, the right and suitable concept. Collaborating with your team we support the execution of the related action plan until the targeted result is reliably and sustainably achieved.


From our perspective the significant improvement of value chains is only feasible with teamwork and consensus.


The implementation competency requires experience with interdisciplinary teams, for the most part formed without any established hierarchical structure.“


Herbert Smetan


Implementation competency (chart)


Detect opportunities
• Analysis of positioning in the market, market segmentation and competitive landscape
• Analysis of positioning in technology of products, of processes und of manufacturing
• Analysis of the Foot-Print and the Product-Portfolio
• Analysis of financial performance and realistic improvement potentials
Develop strategies
• Systematic Workshops to develop mid-term- and long-term strategy ‘fit for future ?/!’
• Develop Road-Map towards sustainable financial improvements
• Master-Plan for fundamental changes in Foot-Print and Product-Portfolio
• Mutual identification of growth potentials and exit opportunities
Capture potentials
• Re-Engineering of existing manufacturing lines and value chains
• Engineering and erection of new manufacturing lines in ‚State-of-the-Art‘-technology
• Introduction of new products on the basis of existing core competencies
• Development of new markets within the existing product portfolio
Initiate change
• Creating acceptance for change within management and employees
• Development of a mutually supported company vision
• Initiating consensus regarding the nature of necessary changes
• Redesign of the organization structure on the basis of existing competencies
• Acceptance of deficits
• Definition of a human resources development program according the company’s needs
Create sustainability
• Consolidation of the product, process and material portfolio
• Significant improvement and stabilization of manufacturing processes in use
• Optimization and completion of the existing equipment
• Re-Engineering of the value chain
• Introduction of reliable business processes
• Introduction of a meaningful set of Key Performance Indicators and a related Bench-Marking-System
(operational & financial)
• Consolidation of the Foot-Print considering market and cost optimization requirements
Determine the level of necessary external support yourself
Management Performance Level
Source: AlixPartners 2011
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