visionary plot– structured implementation
Boeing 767-Flight-Simulator at the Lufthansa-Trainings-Centre at Frankfurt Rhein-Main- Airport on 14.04.2007



"During nearly four decades in the aluminum foundry industry I have repeatedly taken responsibility for pioneering projects for first-class automotive components, which within the industry never failed to attract a high degree of acclaim.


These achievements include noteworthy technical innovations as well as important large-scale investments both in Germany and abroad, for which I was also responsible during their initial operative phases. I was able to fundamentally contribute to the character of the Aluminum Foundry Industry through this work.


The decisive factor was that all these projects without exception were realized within set budget constraints and also reached all project goals. These goals included precise adherence to the business plan, as well as the punctual release of a qualitatively and quantitatively irreproachable product. I consider these the foundations of reliable and professional work, in other words, of ‘Right and Good Management.’


Wherever progress is made, where new territory is to be entered, people are subject to risks that can be managed with the right methodology, and thus made calculable. It has always been particularly important to me, and has fundamentally become part of my understanding, to develop the requisite methodology systematically, and to continually refine it.

As far as I'm concerned, leaving the result of a project to chance is not an alternative. Neither is reluctance to enter new territory, since it is only beyond the horizon of the known that long-term success lies hidden. For me, the manufacturing process lies at the centre of this structured manner of working.


It is of equally high importance to me to develop a hypothesis concerning the functional character of each manufacturing process, and to confirm or reject it according to the variation in parameters and to validate it before I further stabilize the process by limiting the variance and continue attempts to improve it. Without a reliable understanding of the actual functional model, every Six Sigma strategy is condemned to ineffectuality!

Wherever we are concerned with professionals in their field, we develop trust in these individuals and cultivate the feeling that we can rely on them, and not the feeling that we are at their mercy. It is of prime importance to me to prove to everyone that their trust in my work is well-placed, in both personal and business contexts.


The same professional approach is also important when it is a question of permanently maintaining and improving high-performance manufacturing facilities. In the hands of corporate governance, continuous status information becomes an efficient navigation system when based on a system of meaningful Key Performance Indicators.


Should it, nevertheless, become necessary to close, restructure or divest companies or divisions, dealing with matters professionally creates trust for people with realistic views. Regardless of the change process involved, the people implementing it must be convinced of its necessity. The only constant in our world is change, without which there would be no progress."


Herbert Smetan




„Well-managed organizations can be recognized in that their decisions are always made at the lowest possible hierarchical level in the organization, and are based on reliable information and appropriate business processes.“
Viable System Model

„In poorly managed organizations, the boss always makes the decisions – which do not appear to be motivated by any kind of logic!“
wide-spread employee opinion

„A company’s work-safety performance is the best early indicator for the acceptance of management within a company. If one assumes that this consensus fundamentally determines employee motivation, then this index becomes one of the most important management instruments.“
Herbert Smetan

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