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“I have always sought innovation and critically questioned the established ways. But both, entering ‘virgin territory’ as well as changing the status quo not only demand the courage to take risks, but also the sort of responsible action, which allows the risk to become controllable.”


These experiences allowed me to recognize early on that every realisable task can be achieved with the help of a professional, systematic approach. Even in the case of green-field projects at a new site, in which a new product was to be produced using a new process, with  completely new staff, implementing a realistic, comprehensive approach to achieving the goal allowed the project to succeed without deviating substantially from the established schedule or budget.

I was consistently responsible for all of these green-field projects from the development and project phase through to the time at which the facilities could be operated at the intended performance level.


Consequently, as time went on, I was given responsibility for a group of up to 11 companies (see below) in total, located in Western and Central Europe, as well as in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, which in 2006 confirmed their outstanding positioning and performance as industry standard according to a number of leading management consultant firms.

The product portfolio and footprint were continually optimized so that eventually the group essentially concentrated on the manufacturing of high-performance engine blocks and cylinder heads from the light weight material of aluminum.

Now, as an independent management consultant to the industry worldwide, I would like to offer the insights gained from my extensive international experience. I willingly bring to the table my ability – developed during the course of my involvement in the global and internationalized automotive supply industry –  to reliably evaluate the performance potential of companies operating in very different, even contradictory environments.

For over a decade during my career in management, I had the opportunity to guide companies in Western and Central Europe, Asia and Latin America over the course of their very successful growth – often as supervisory board chair.


The efficiency of mature business processes is particularly apparent in corporate governance, since only these processes can ensure, unconditionally, the clear and decisive assessment of a company’s current business situation and allow for the evaluation of proposed corrective counter measures.“


Herbert Smetan



* Bielsko-Biala/Poland, Charlottenberg/Sweden, Dillingen/Germany, Györ/Hungary, Leeds/Great Britain, Linz/Austria, Most/Czech Republic, Nanjing/China, Saltillo/Mexico, Wernigerode/Germany, Ziar/Slovakia
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